Scrub Jays of Port Charlotte

Quitting your job and sailing away is a bit of cliché these days.  It’s the dream of all unsatisfied, cubicle dwelling, American workers.  It was our dream, still is.

But the sailing away is just the end result, our choice for adventure.

The true great escape, the golden nugget we all pan for, is absolute freedom.

A couple of weeks ago my wife asks, “Do you want to head down to your parents house for a couple of weeks and check on our boat?”

It dawned on me at that point, what absolute freedom we have.  We can load up and leave when we want.  We can stay in south Florida as long as we like.  We don’t have to wait for a weekend, or use vacation time.  We don’t have to ask permission or have someone check our mail.  We don’t have a litany of bills to pay or a house to care for.

Great escapes come in many forms, from sailing away to buying an RV and cruising the country to living abroad in a rented home.  But to make it happen, you must find a way to sever all the anchors that are holding you in place.

So where is our next adventure going to take us?  We aren’t sure yet.  There has been some discussion of heading out west for 3-6 months.  There is talk of renting a house in Argentina, Italy or Nova Scotia.

We just don’t know.

Today we are in Port Charlotte FL hanging out with the Scrub Jays.  These are inquisitive birds that live in the brush and that will fly right at your face and then land on your head.

They say they are on the “Threatened” list but there is no shortage of them around these parts.

We put together this short video so you can see the Scrub Jays in action.