A New Boat, the Book and Logan’s Tonsils

With the Great Escape sold – and not having a home to live in – Roxanne and I have spent the last month searching long and hard for our next boat.

Having lived aboard for the majority of the last year we had some very specific needs.  First, we love the old style appearance of the trawlers and wanted to get away from sailboats.  Truthfully, we didn’t sail much last year and used the motor constantly, actually we haven’t sailed much in the last seven years and used the engine all of the time so we decided to go ahead and buy a power yacht.  Second, we wanted a nice size kitchen, a comfortable living room and a much larger second room for Logan.

Once we knew what we were looking for, as if it were imbedded in our genes, we immediately started looking for a project boat and had foregone even the slightest inclination of buying anything else.  We were fortunate enough to run across a 49 foot DeFever that needs just enough work that nobody seemed to want to do and we were able to buy her at a fantastic price.

And in one quick decision, we went from homeless without a single piece of furniture to a fully furnished waterfront home, thanks to a leading furniture rental company in Brisbane that help me got the best equipment.

We spent the first couple of days cleaning out everything and then it was time to head back to Louisiana to have Logan’s tonsils removed. They had been bothering her for a while now and the doctor decided to go ahead and remove them.

Logan couldn’t have been happier to have those organs removed until she felt the post operation pain.  She immediately asked the doctor to put her tonsils back in.

Roxanne and I are catching up on work while Logan recuperates.  It will also give me some time to finish the book.  The third draft has been completed and the third round of editing will begin soon.  We wanted to launch the book this month but it looks like it will be June or July before the big release.

own less and live more - book cover

Roxanne and I both dislike the name on the new boat , “Tar Baby” and have been trying to come up with a new name with very little success.

If anybody has any ideas for a new boat name, we would love to hear them.

10 thoughts on “A New Boat, the Book and Logan’s Tonsils

  1. Awesome boat!! Doesn’t look like it needs too much work! Can’t wait for the book!!!

    • Hi Rob,

      We are all very excited about the new boat. It is definitely in much better shape than the sailboat was when we first bought her so we are glad we won’t be starting at square one again. This boat is livable from the very beginning which makes it easier to get some work done. We’ll post more pictures when Logan heals up and we can make our way back down to our boat.

      Take care,


  2. Hey you guys! Nice looking boat. Welcome to the world of power boating. You will love all the room on your new boat.. Coy wants to know what kind of engines are in the boat — typical guy question. I like the galley layout. It’s bigger than ours. We are in the Bahamas and are waiting for you guys to catch up. There’s plenty of room next to us here in the anchorage at Green Turtle Cay. Keep in touch and most of all — have fun!

    • Hi Iris,

      Great to hear from you guys. I just checked out your blog and the pics are incredible. It looks like you two are having a great time, though Coy needs to catch some bigger fish.

      We have twin Ford Lehman 135s on the boat which are gigantic compared to the little 30hp Yanmar we had on our sailboat.

      Roxanne is very happy to have a much larger galley where she are able to store everything without having to place items in the bilge. The walkways are big enough for two people to pass at the same time and there is tons of space for everyone to spread out.

      Mind you we are still in the honeymoon phase of the boat and haven’t filled up the diesel tanks yet. I might have a different opinion about the boat after a $2,000 fuel bill. : )

      Take care and we’ll be in touch,


    • Hi Brad,

      You wouldn’t be making a reference to my old beat up Nissan diesel station wagon that I drove back at LSU that you named the “Brown Hornet?” Best car I ever owned.

      I’ll mention it to Roxanne but I don’t think any name with “Hornet” in it is going to work out.

      • Coop, we had some good times in the ole hornet, didn’t we!

        Scott and I were talking the other day and have come to the conclusion that you would be a fantastic successor to “The Most Interesting Man Alive” on the Dos Equis commercials. I would be happy to assist in writing the one liners for you.

        Love the website…I’ll be in touch

  3. Hi, Conrad and crew John here in southport with your previous boat the family loves it .Congrats on the new boat .
    Looks sweet . Good luck ,John

    • Hi John,

      Glad you and the family love your new boat. We sure had a great time with her and we hope it treats you guys as well as it treated us.

      Email us some pics from time to time.

      Take care,


  4. Wonders will never cease-Conrad C moving from sail to power
    Great looking boat-good to be brought up to date on your status

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