Our Sailboat - Great Escape - Catfisher 32'

Humble Beginnings

Not everyone can look at pictures of a sunken wreck of an old sailboat with envy and desire.

I can. But more importantly, so can my wife.

We lost our previous sailboat to the hurricane Katrina. In a rather ridicules attempt to find our boat after the storm we asked the nice National Guardsman, who was standing guard with his M-16 rifle at a roadside checkpoint, where we could find the marina. Everything was demolished so it was very difficult finding your way, even in areas you had been to many times before.

The Guardsman tried to keep a straight face but there was a slight hiccup of laughter at my naivety and then he replied, "Sir, there are no marinas left."

He didn't say, "There are no boats left."

He said, "There are no marinas left."

And that, was that. Our boat had been destroyed.

We received our insurance settlement and passively began surfing the web for our next boat. My wife emailed me the following pictures of a boat she found on ebay. She said it was an ugly boat but the more she looked at it the more she liked it. I couldn't help but wonder, is that what she thought of me when we started dating?

You can see the barnacles covering the bottom.

The boat was a complete disaster with junk everywhere.

She sank in her boat slip. You can see the water line in the mirror.

The bathroom was less than functional.

The auction company made no effort to clean her at all.

What the Great Escape Looks Like Now

At anchor in Pensacola Beach Florida.

The pilot house with new cushions and all of the wood refinished.

Another view of the pilot house.

King sized bed in the master suite with flat screen and all wood refinished.

Our kitchen (galley) with new faucet, 2 burner propane stove with microwave underneath.

The bathroom cleaned up nicely with the addition of a new electric toilet and faucet.

We put in new indoor/outdoor carpet on the back porch and added some new cushions.

And afte 5 years we got the name of the boat, on the boat.