The Great Escape – Sold

Great Escape

We are sorry for the delay in posting.  A lot has happened in the last month and we were sort of waiting for everything to come to fruition before blogging, but that is taking too long.

Conrad and I have always loved being on the water and naturally have a love for boating. Our time spent cruising this last year has only made our love for the water stronger. It didn’t take us long to figure out that we had no desire of going back to being landlubbers, at least not anytime soon.

We decided that for us to continue living aboard and cruising we would like to have something a little bigger, a little faster and perhaps something without a mast. Yes, we decided to make the switch over to a power boat. This will make cruising much easier without having the hindrance of bridges to contend with which will open up many more cruising grounds for us, especially inland waterways in our beautiful United States.

We were contacted a couple of months ago by a gentleman who showed interest in purchasing the Great Escape. After weeks of correspondence he had her inspected and put down a deposit while we were docked in Titusville, Florida. We went to closing a few weeks ago and Great Escape is now with a nice young family in North Carolina.

This was a bitter sweet moment for us. We bought Great Escape after being sunk in her slip and we put a lot of hard work into her to bring her back to life. We were very proud of her and thoroughly enjoyed the 7 years we had her. Our next purchase will be a trawler between 40’ and 50’. We love the classic look that some of the older trawlers have and we are not afraid of a project boat. We have looked at several and narrowed it down to a few possibilities. If all goes well during the Sea Trial next week we will be the proud new owners of a 1980 49’ Defever Pilothouse Trawler.

49 DeFever

We’ll let you know how it works out.

5 thoughts on “The Great Escape – Sold

  1. Glad to hear you will be getting another boat! With that title I thought this was the end…

    • Hi Rob,

      Nope the adventure continues. We have been at this for over a year now and truthfully I don’t think we will ever back to our previous lifestyle. Tomorrow we go for a sea trial on the DeFever and hopefully everything works out. Since we plan to live the cruising lifestyle for years, we need a boat that is a bit more livable than our sailboat. We are both very excited about this boat but if it doesn’t work out, there are plenty more out there.

      Take care,


      • Trawlers seem like the next step for a lot of people. Lots more room, from what I understand. Do you plan to stay in the US with it, or head down to the Caribbean?

        • A trawler really opens up the number of cruising grounds available to us. It’s hard to imagine unless you really look at a map, the number of inland rivers and waterways that exist in this country, especially the east side. So it’s hard to say where we will end up first. But we are anxious to see the Bahamas and the Caribbean but also the east coast of the United States and also the interior waters to include Tennessee.

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