Marathon to Key West and Key Largo

No we haven’t been stranded on a deserted island, eaten by sharks or overcome by tropical storm Debby’s wind and waves. None the less, we do appreciate everyone’s concerns for our wellbeing. I’ve simply been plagued with a bought of laziness and haven’t kept up with our blog.

We have been in Key Largo now for a couple of weeks. We are in a marina here enjoying our newly installed air conditioner. A lot of rain has moved through since we’ve been here so the opportunities to get out of the slip have been slim.

The summer heat moved upon us rather quickly while we were in Marathon. Of course we didn’t have air conditioning at the time because that was before air conditioning repair was done so the last couple of weeks there were pretty rough. We need to schedule an appointment with HVAC techs for professional ac tune-up services. And if you have a cracked heat exchanger, make sure to contact the HVAC techs to replace it. You will benefit when you know how to tell if ac needs recharge. You may also consider hiring a team of experts like ac repair rochester ny services. This is when the bought of laziness over took us. When it’s so hot that by 8:00am you start to sweat just by sitting there doing nothing you lose all motivation to do anything. The only way to stay somewhat comfortable is to sit in front of a fan, go swimming or enjoy a cold draft beer at the local bar.

Unfortunately, the heat arrived just before Madison arrived from Louisiana. She suffered through it with us but was quite a trooper about it. I guess all those years of pitching softball in the heat prepared her for it. Despite the heat we had a fantastic visit with Madison.

Logan holding the welcome sign that Madison insisted on having usdisplay as she arrived at the airport.

I was unsuccessful at securing a pass to meet Madison at her gate (which I’ve done many times with Logan) so she was on her own to find us in baggage claim at the Miami airport. Did I mention that this was her first time flying? With some verbal instruction from Logan via cell phone she finally found us.

We went straight to Key West from the airport. We found our room, got cleaned up, and went out for the night. If I look terrified it’s because I am, just by the thought of taking two teenagers out to Duval Street.

Madison and Logan ready to party on Duval Street

First stop of the evening was at Irish Kevin’s for cocktails (sodas for the girls) and live entertainment.

Then some hat modeling.

Looking good Logan.

Last but not least we stopped at Margarittaville for some cheeseburgers in paradise. Madison couldn’t decide what to order so she did what any girl would do and called her mom. Silly girl.

The next day was much anticipated parasailing for the girls over the beautiful waters of Key West. If you can’t tell they were very excited.

Madison loves the camera.

Groupe shot before parasailing.

More music and late night apps at Willie T’s

Enjoying Willi T’s live music.

Logan and Madison taking a picture with a 7 foot tall drag queen on Duval St.

Hemingway house and pool. It’s still the largest private pool in Key West.

One of the many Hemingway cats on the property. According to the staff, the cats are treated much better than they are.

Cat condo for the Hemingway cats.

Madison having a braclet weaved for her.

Dinner and cold drinks at Dockside in Marathon.

Snorkeling at Sombrero Reef.

Madison studying fish.

Logan fixing her mask.

Roxanne enjoying the water.

2 thoughts on “Marathon to Key West and Key Largo

  1. Hi Roxanne,

    I loved the pictures. You can tell the girls really had a great time.
    Mary. Our friends Harry and Harriet might be here after the 4th for a coupole of days.

  2. Thank you , Thank you for having Madison. She had a BLAST! She is still talking about it. She is planning her next trip to visit already. She was talking to Logan last night about them going back . She really had a great time! Making memories to last a life time!

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