Panama City to Wetappo Creek

January 23rd, 2012

The last two mornings here in Panama City have been extremely foggy. Each morning you can hear the fog horns in the distance as the boats come into port. We waited until the fog was all clear before we departed. We will make a short trip for an overnight anchorage in Wetappo Creek.

Wetappo Creek is a swampy area full of wildlife and beautiful scenery. Logan knapped during our trip and woke as we were setting the anchor. She looked around and asked “Where are we?”

“Wetappo Creek. Isn’t it beautiful?”, I replied.

“Oh, no! Not another creek! Will we have internet and cell service out here?”

“We have internet but no cell service.”

She seemed okay to have one of the two.

As we settled in we observed lots of fish jumping around us as if they were feeding on something. I took the opportunity to put my line in the water in hopes of catching dinner.

After an hour and several nibbles I finally snagged one. I was super excited until I reeled it in and saw the size of it. It wasn’t big enough for even one of us to eat.

Logan took over the pole for a while with no luck either. It was getting dark and the bugs were biting so I called it an evening and we grilled steaks instead.

I fished again the next morning with no luck so we weighed anchor and set out for White City.



8 thoughts on “Panama City to Wetappo Creek

  1. Supersize would be great! I welcome any tips you may have. I never know what I’m fishing for or what kind of bait to use. I just put the line in and hope for the best.

  2. How wonderful! Hi Logan!!! It’s good to see you all on the move and adventuring! Just so you know, people fish in the evening and into the night off the end of the White City dock — you’ll go under the bridge, past the shorter pier/boat ramp across to the longer one that juts out into the ICW a bit… at the ICW end of that section there are railings and places to sit, and that’s where people were night-fishing when we came through. Local knowledge might get you some bait/fish advice applicable right where you are! There are public-park-style concrete bunker toilets on the other side of the pavilion, BTW. And a dumpster by the parking lot. HUGS!!!!

  3. Just occurred to me, given the date, you probably already left White City… aw shucks! *kicks herself*

    — Heather

    • lol. Hey Heather. Yes, we have moved on. Our blog posts seem to be running about a week behind. We are here in Carrabelle FL waiting for some of this funky weather to pass through and then we are off for Steinhatchee. Take care and hopefully and I hope you get your weather window soon.

      The time difference is probably a central time / eastern time zone setting on the blogs. Either that or the rum flowed easily the night before! : )

    • Ok, figured it out. I had our time settings as +6 UTC when we are currently -5 UTC. That should fix things.

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