Port Charlotte FL

April 12, 2012

We originally planned to stay at my parent’s house in Port Charlotte, FL about a month but the cruising lifestyle has taken hold of us and time has slipped by and we are still here.

We found a guy who lives on the water who was nice enough to lease us a pier for a month.  The price was right and it is near my parent’s house, so it really worked out well.

The other day Roxanne says, “We are going to have to pay Skip more money for the boat slip, you know our month is almost up.”

I reply very confused, “We’ve been here a month already?”

We have been working some.  Roxanne has stripped all the wood in the pilot house and she is now working on the third coat of wood finish.  I’ll post more pictures when she is done.

Roxanne applying poly in pilot house

It only took us 5 and half years but we finally have the name of the boat, on the boat.

Roxanne working on the boat name

Roxanne finished with the boat name

I bought a Hawaiian sling.   It’s a long pole that is propelled by rubber tubing that is used to spear fish.  I tried to get my dad to hold a block of wood under water in his pool so I could get some target practice, but he refused.  Party pooper.

hawaiian sling

We will be heading south in about a week.   So maybe I’ll get the chance to swim around and spear some fish then.

3 thoughts on “Port Charlotte FL

  1. I have enjoyed reading your entire blog for the past two days. Seems ya’ll are having a great time. I hope Madison will have as much fun as ya’ll have been having. She is looking forward to sailing the seas with ya’ll. Please put a life jacket on her when she is in the canoe, beacuse if Liz had problems staying up right, I know Madison will be in the water alot. Thanks for inviting her to join ya’ll on your “Great Escape”.
    PS: Did not know that Conrad had such a great sense of humor. He has kept me laughing through the blogs.

  2. We are very much looking forward to having Madison be apart of our adventure. Don’t worry, we have plenty of life jackets and bubble wrap just for Madison. lol

  3. Madison will be fine as long as Logan and the manatees are very far away!! Hope everyone is doing well!

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