The Greatest Sailing Adventure Book of All Time

Be the first on your block to read the greatest sailing adventure book of all time, “Own Less & Live More: a sailing adventure that takes you from the cubical to Key West.”

Holy cow that’s a long title.

Buy the book now, but please be warned.

This book will not make you smarter.  If anything, there is a good chance you may lose a couple of IQ points during the reading process.

This book will not help you make friends.  If you are caught reading this in public you will be scorned like a freak that flips through the pages of a Playboy magazine in a McDonalds.

This book will not help you get promoted.  Chances are if your boss sees you reading this dribble you will be fired on the spot.

BUT, this book will make you laugh and it is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  So buy the book.  Actually buy multiple copies.  They make great gag gifts at Christmas.  Do you need to swat your dog, or your kid, for pooping on your carpet?  This book is the perfect thickness.

So buy the book now!  Available only through in paperback and on your Kindle.

Follow the link to our book on Amazon’s website.

own less and live more - book cover

Mention the book on your Facebook page and receive a free mp3 copy of Conrad’s soon to be hit song, “Hey Boss Man.”

Conrad playing his guitar.

Please be warned, Conrad cannot sing and listening to him play his guitar and sing a song may cause hysterical laughter.


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